Best Weekend Ever!!!!

I am sitting here & recovering after spending the last 2 (yeah that’s right, 2) nights watching the incredibly talented & sexy Keith Urban work his magic. Friday night I went to see the show with my Mum & Dad & my friend Jo. We had pretty good seats on the floor, and I danced & sang my butt off. My friend Judy (who introduced me to Keith in 2009) was a couple of rows behind me, bopping out as well. He would have to be without a doubt one of the MOST TALENTED guitarists in THE WORLD!!!!! I could go to a show & watch him work his magic on the guitar for hours. Another surprise that night was that I ran into a girl I was really close to at uni but lost contact with over the last 16yrs. She lives locally so we are planning to catch up.

Saturday night it was just myself & Judy who went to see Keith. We were really close and both got to touch his chest when he walked past us. That’s two for two. In 2009 when we went to see him we were in the second row & got to touch him then as well. The second show was just a good as the first. We danced & sang along from the time he came out til the time he left the stage. If he was playing a 3rd night we would have gone to see him again as well!!!!!

Keith Rocking Out!!!

(sorry for the grainy photo)

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One Response to Best Weekend Ever!!!!

  1. creativeniss says:

    he is just sex on legs!

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